Magento: Email alert for customers

Adding users is faster and more efficient for eCommerce website. This is particularly helpful for companies who add large volumes of users on an ongoing basis. Sending email using a cron has numerous benefits for growing customers in the website. Many of our customers purchased product, but some customers are not logged in the website from long time or some customers are even not logged in the website. So i am writing this post which helps to send mail to not logged in customers.

Magento: Web store backup guideline

A system can fail no matter but how fast we can up the system and same applies to the Web store. Thus for preparation it is vital to have a good backup of all those files and database of the solution. For the reason this section describes the resources of different components of backups required for Magento, PHP, and Database. There are three sections which will help webshop to ensure what need to be backup regular basis and keep it safe for the situation of failure.

Magento: Fetch data from custom table

Fetching data from custom table in magento is quite difficult because its data store in entity attribute value (EAV) model therefore most of the table structure are in EAV model. So joining one table with other tables is different from other database system. Here is a query example of sample table which helps you to use join, select, group, filter data from custom table .